(For the few that are not familiar with Eric)
Our famous globetrotting bear.
Eric raises money for the county Air Ambulance.
Customers just love him, and at every opportunity he goes on
holiday with them. All we ask is a few photos of his adventure, or a
postcard. That they keep him out of trouble and bring him back in
one piece.

Eric's story.

Way back to 1995, This is when I was found abandoned and bedraggled in a rubbish skip. No longer loved by the child that had discarded me. It was local hero Rangemore Steve that rescued me. He cleaned me up, gave me a hat and an old guitar and then sent me on my way. With my brilliant musical talent and charm I buskered to passing walkers, earning the odd bob or two. Despite working hard seven days a week, I just couldn't I make ends meet.
Desperate, Cold and hungry I turned up on the doorstep of THE NEW INN begging for odd jobs to earn a crust. I still live here now. Though I don't work any more Im too busy leading a JETSET lifestyle.
Smooth talking Eric. Thats me. I was soon on board a plane flying the airways. I have flown all over the world. Now when customers go on holiday they take me with them. Ive been to: America, Australia, Egypt, Cyprus, Jordan, Ireland, France, Norway, Latvia and Turkey to just mention a few.
In between Jetting around the skies I come back home to the people who saved my life and love
me very much.
I have a Honda Fireblade, so I am well in with the local bikers, we do lots of charity events,
Especially our Sunday night biker BBqs. In fact I get up to so much you need to see my

Now Barry my accomplice (thats the landlord) and myself have come up with a good idea. To raise cash for the County Air Ambulance. My ventures are all free and I have great fun.
So far we have raised well over 2000 pounds and still going strong

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